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BNI Minnesota & Northern Wisconsin
PO Box 390405
Minneapolis, MN 55439

Phone: 612-664-9500
Fax: 952-920-6496


BNI Success Stories

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Diane Napper, Graphic Designer 

Diane Napper"BNI has given me the opportunity to say, "YES!" to many unique opportunities. Once, while on vacation in Philadelphia, I decided to visit a local BNI chapter. Later that day I had a One-to-One with a member who made an introduction for me back in Minneapolis. Today, I have clients across the United States because of my BNI relationships. You just never know who you will be introduced to!"



Chris Correia, Leadership Development 

Christopher Correia"BNI has had an impact on my business and life in two key ways. First, it has taught me the ultimate importance of relationships and specifically being interested in others and their needs. Second, my BNI participation helps me better focus and plan my business and my life, in ways I've never done before. Now I'm helping others in those areas as well! Givers Gain, y'all!"



Sondra Smith, Business Coach 

Sondra Smith"My first experience with BNI was when I subbed for another member. After that meeting I jumped right in and applied for membership! Within six months, I received an introduction to a client that led to over $10,000 in closed business and actually changed the complexion of my business. My advice to prospective members, 'Jump in!' You will be glad you did!"



Lori Merriam, Nonprofit 

Lori Merriam"I am proud to be a BNI member representing a nonprofit.The members of my BNI chapter have become my friends, my advocates, my mentors, my vendors, business partners and volunteers. Every member has contributed their time and resources to help our cause! I encourage other nonprofits to get connected in BNI.  I truly believe each BNI chapter should have a nonprofit representative; because we all know, that it truly is by giving that we receive!"



Bruce Beeman, Sign Company 

Bruce Beeman"I had just purchased a business in the local community when I was first invited to BNI. After I met the people in the room and saw the potential relationships, I applied for membership. Had it not been for BNI, I’m not sure how we would have captured business we have from our local community, let alone the greater region as a whole. Does it work? YES! And more so, when you work it and believe in it!"



Raymond Hansen, Attorney 

Raymond Hansen"Not only has BNI helped me grow my practice, but it has helped me meet and get to know hundreds of people from all walks of life that are outside my normal sphere of influence.  I have come to know and trust people whom I never would have met if I were not a member of BNI. It has been a fabulous use of my time!"



Mark Skipper, Office Cleaning 

Mark A. Skipper"As I look back on my decision to start an office cleaning business, many people thought I was crazy. I'd never started or ran a business before. If I had not visited that BNI meeting two weeks after starting my business, I too might be questioning my sanity. Today, my business is growing and many of my clients have been direct introductions from BNI members. Thank you BNI for helping me grow my business and my business skills."



Tara Schmakel, Business Consultant 

Tara Schmakel"BNI has given me the ability to expand my influence internationally in a way I never dreamed possible! The relationships I've built have literally been life changing. I love being able to refer clients to the people that I trust and care about."




Chef Jeff Riley, Caterer 

Jeff Riley"I am a better person today because of BNI and the people I've surrounded myself with. I have learned so much from both the formal trainings and the personal coaching I've gotten from the members of my chapter. If it wasn't for BNI, my business would not be where it is today. I am so thankful for this organization and the people who are committed to it!"



Lisa Martin, Realtor 

Lisa Martin"Without BNI, I don't believe I would have survived the challenging real estate market of 2008. While others in my industry were complaining, I was having one of my best years ever. It is a wonderful thing to give up something 'good' to make room for something 'great.'"




Kari Switala, Social Media Marketing