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PO Box 390405
Minneapolis, MN 55439

Phone: 612-664-9500
Fax: 952-920-6496


Member Traffic Lights – Green Members

Member Traffic Lights are used to recognize BNI members who excel in the following activities: Attendance, Referrals Given, Visitors, One-to-Ones and Chapter Education Units (CEUs).

Not only are members recognized monthly, but those who are Green Members for all 12 calendar months receive a special recognition lanyard.


Congratulations to the 1013 BNI members who were GREEN in November 2016!

Chapter City Member
10,000 Connections Victoria Becky Mittelstaedt
10,000 Connections Victoria Brent Romenesko
10,000 Connections Victoria Dan Bird
10,000 Connections Victoria Laura ONeill
10,000 Connections Victoria Ross Neubauer
10,000 Connections Victoria Thomas Badon
10,000 Connections Victoria Todd Luecke
1st Choice Roseville Dan Baltzer
1st Choice Roseville Erika Kuhlmeyer Dragich
1st Choice Roseville Paul McCreight
1st City Bemidji Laura Rock
24-7 Alliance St. Louis Park Dana Schomberg
24-7 Alliance St. Louis Park Joel Eshelman
805 Network Willmar Scott Watkins
Absolute Connections Champlin Aaron Goldstein
Absolute Connections Champlin Ann Sievers
Absolute Connections Champlin Anthony Watts
Absolute Connections Champlin Arlyce Cleveland
Absolute Connections Champlin Ben Harris
Absolute Connections Champlin Brad Link
Absolute Connections Champlin Brad Molskness
Absolute Connections Champlin Brenda Brinkman-Smith
Absolute Connections Champlin Corey Thompson
Absolute Connections Champlin Dave Malley
Absolute Connections Champlin David Fandrich
Absolute Connections Champlin Elijah Kovar
Absolute Connections Champlin Eva Norman
Absolute Connections Champlin Hetal Gatecha
Absolute Connections Champlin Jack Pettengill
Absolute Connections Champlin Jane Ceballos
Absolute Connections Champlin Jason Schroeck
Absolute Connections Champlin Jason Waldron
Absolute Connections Champlin Jeffrey Greene
Absolute Connections Champlin Jill Goldstein
Absolute Connections Champlin Julie Hamilton
Absolute Connections Champlin Kathy Tatone
Absolute Connections Champlin Kevin Snow
Absolute Connections Champlin Kimberly Nybo
Absolute Connections Champlin Kyle Pettersen-Scott
Absolute Connections Champlin Lindsey Heiserman
Absolute Connections Champlin Mark Beyer
Absolute Connections Champlin Mark Laubersheimer
Absolute Connections Champlin Matthew Feehan
Absolute Connections Champlin Maureen Leesman
Absolute Connections Champlin Mike Kovar
Absolute Connections Champlin Pam Holien
Absolute Connections Champlin Peggy Johnson
Absolute Connections Champlin Randy Grabau
Absolute Connections Champlin Rhonda Wigglesworth
Absolute Connections Champlin Robert Bauman
Absolute Connections Champlin Sandra Amyotte
Absolute Connections Champlin Sara Ellestad
Absolute Connections Champlin Stephen Tisch
Absolute Connections Champlin Steve Arrell II
Absolute Connections Champlin Susan Kimmel
Absolute Connections Champlin Suzanne Erkel
Absolute Connections Champlin Thomas Polson
Absolute Connections Champlin Tiffany Larson
Absolute Connections Champlin Tim LaCroix
Absolute Connections Champlin Troy Danner
Advantage Business Connections Albertville Alison Thuney
Advantage Business Connections Albertville Ben Nelson
Advantage Business Connections Albertville Brian Leonard
Advantage Business Connections Albertville Eric Carlson
Advantage Business Connections Albertville Jill Piechowski
Advantage Business Connections Albertville Mark Hesser
Advantage Business Connections Albertville Matt Kruse
Advantage Business Connections Albertville Rob Rich
Advantage Business Connections Albertville Tammy Weidenbach
Advantage Business Connections Albertville Ted Sirianni
All About Action Faribault Alex Lopez
All About Action Faribault Brent Peroutka
All About Action Faribault Chuck Thiele
All About Action Faribault Danni Hoffner
All About Action Faribault John Hamer
All About Action Faribault Kristine Paro
All About Action Faribault Matthew Horton
All About Action Faribault Michelle Jasinski
All About Action Faribault Monica Gernandt
All About Action Faribault Nicole Schweisthal
All About Action Faribault Sandy Flom
All About Business Bloomington Caleb Peterson
All About Business Bloomington Kimberly Torell
All About Business Bloomington Wendy Jacobson
Arbor Lakes Networkers Maple Grove Adriano Batista
Arbor Lakes Networkers Maple Grove Greta Witzman
Bayside Referrals Minnetonka Alissa Aske
Bayside Referrals Minnetonka Jason Zattler
Bayside Referrals Minnetonka Shawn Sailer
Bayside Referrals Minnetonka Troy Mason
Better Business Builders Faribault Brenda DeMars
Better Business Builders Faribault Brett Christensen
Better Business Builders Faribault Heather Teigen
Better Business Builders Faribault Janell Lindblom
Better Business Builders Faribault Jeff Mullenmeister
Better Business Builders Faribault Mitch Anderson
Beyond Business Moorhead Amber Ertelt
Beyond Business Moorhead Avery Nubson
Beyond Business Moorhead Christina Cook
Beyond Business Moorhead Dustin Ertelt
Beyond Business Moorhead Erik Thompsen
Beyond Business Moorhead Jim Rentfrow
Beyond Business Moorhead Lukas Roberts
Beyond Business Moorhead Ronda Herman
Beyond Business Moorhead Teal Plaine
Breakfast Club Chanhassen Adam Ernst
Breakfast Club Chanhassen Angela Graper
Breakfast Club Chanhassen Ari Rad
Breakfast Club Chanhassen Liz Beckley Higgins
Breakfast Club Chanhassen M. Chapin Hall
Breakfast Club Chanhassen Nancy Brydle
Breakfast Club Chanhassen Sharlene Downs
Business Builders Woodbury Alex Johantgen
Business Builders Woodbury Amy Martin
Business Builders Woodbury Brant Penney
Business Builders Woodbury Brenda Thompson
Business Builders Woodbury Brian Risch
Business Builders Woodbury Chum Struve
Business Builders Woodbury Cory Johnson
Business Builders Woodbury Dan Maher
Business Builders Woodbury David Vlastuin
Business Builders Woodbury Dawn Paetz
Business Builders Woodbury Deb Katzmark
Business Builders Woodbury Donald Schellhammer
Business Builders Woodbury Dustin Lindala
Business Builders Woodbury Eric Schwagmeyer
Business Builders Woodbury James Leary
Business Builders Woodbury Jason Alvarez
Business Builders Woodbury Jeannine Meyer
Business Builders Woodbury Jeff Goss
Business Builders Woodbury Jen Tarara
Business Builders Woodbury Jerad Rasmussen
Business Builders Woodbury Kathie Stuempert
Business Builders Woodbury Kathy Mueller
Business Builders Woodbury Laura Abernathy
Business Builders Woodbury Laura Goetzke
Business Builders Woodbury Linda Grubish
Business Builders Woodbury Melissa Thayer
Business Builders Woodbury Michael Chamberlain
Business Builders Woodbury Paul Schmitz
Business Builders Woodbury Peg Malanaphy
Business Builders Woodbury Rich Gilbert
Business Builders Woodbury Robert Rysgaard
Business Builders Woodbury Sally Mamola
Business Builders Woodbury Scott Hansen
Business Builders Woodbury Scott Lundgren
Business Builders Woodbury Sharon Huntley
Business Builders Woodbury Sheila Morrow
Business Builders Woodbury Sonya Talarico-Wennberg
Business Builders Woodbury Stacey Blacker
Business Builders Woodbury Stacy Risch
Business Builders Woodbury Steven Pedro
Business Builders Woodbury Tarah Beyer
Business Builders Woodbury Todd Scheel
Business Builders Woodbury Tom Dunn
Business Builders Woodbury Tom Kofski
Business Builders Woodbury Wayne Watson
Business Connectors Mankato Beth Milbrett
Business Connectors Mankato Mary Weller
Business Connectors Mankato Robyn James
Chain Reaction Eden Prairie Jake Clermont
Chain Reaction Eden Prairie Pamela Bremseth
Chain Reaction Eden Prairie Tom Haugo
Chippewa Valley Eau Claire Amy Jeffers
Chippewa Valley Eau Claire Julie Chase
Chippewa Valley Eau Claire Keith Hammerbeck
Chippewa Valley Eau Claire Mark Miller
Chippewa Valley Eau Claire Nicolle Wilson
Chippewa Valley Eau Claire Paula Gregory
Chippewa Valley Eau Claire Stefanie Pusateri
Chippewa Valley Eau Claire Tina Theisen
Circle Drive Leaders Rochester Jason Carey
Circle of Connections Cottage Grove Dan Arland
Circle of Connections Cottage Grove Kevin Britz
Circle of Connections Cottage Grove Perry de Stefano
Cities Business Alliance Roseville Erin Anderson
Cities Business Alliance Roseville Ernest Draper
Cities Business Alliance Roseville Glen McCluskey
Cities Business Alliance Roseville Jeff Pittelkow
Cities Business Alliance Roseville Joe Springer
Cities Business Alliance Roseville John Eckhardt
Cities Business Alliance Roseville René Isuk
Cities Business Alliance Roseville Shane Setzer
Cloud City Achievers St. Cloud April Diederich
Cloud City Achievers St. Cloud Blair Prokop
Cloud City Achievers St. Cloud Caryn Stadther
Cloud City Achievers St. Cloud Donella Westphal
Cloud City Achievers St. Cloud Luke Popham
Cloud City Achievers St. Cloud Michael Gaarder
Commerce Fusion Hopkins Jeffery Giesener
Commerce Fusion Hopkins Mary Ellen Russell
Connections Bloomington Margaret Mumbleau
Connections Unlimited Minneapolis Jon Rice
Connections Unlimited Minneapolis Monica Bordonaro
Connections Unlimited Minneapolis Nathan Dao  ChFC CASL  CPCU
Connections With Class St. Cloud David Jacobs, CFP®, AIF®, QPFC®,  CLTC
Connections With Class St. Cloud Heather Robbins
Connections With Class St. Cloud John Munson
Connections With Class St. Cloud Marc Van Herr
Core Connections Chaska Brad Parrott
Core Connections Chaska Charlie Fonder
Core Connections Chaska Dan Keyport
Core Connections Chaska Dan Siegle
Core Connections Chaska David Rochol
Core Connections Chaska Ellen Sinkey
Core Connections Chaska Gary Goeman
Core Connections Chaska Gary Hardel
Core Connections Chaska Kathy Barclay
Core Connections Chaska Ken Forner
Core Connections Chaska Laurie Behrends
Core Connections Chaska Lee Kness
Core Connections Chaska Lori Eskew
Core Connections Chaska Lorie Treff
Core Connections Chaska Marilyn Tokach
Core Connections Chaska Mark Sanda
Core Connections Chaska Pam Odenbrett
Core Connections Chaska Robin Fink
Core Connections Chaska Tom Gestach
Creating Connections Mankato Darold Schaefer
Creating Connections Mankato Holly Schoettler
Creating Connections Mankato Jennifer Wanderscheid
Creating Connections Mankato Julee Johnson
Creating Connections Mankato Karla Marshall
Creating Connections Mankato Lynn Austin
Creating Connections Mankato Sherry Schultze
Creating Connections Mankato Trevor Waagner
Diversified Business Professionals Coon Rapids Jordan Radel
Diversified Business Professionals Coon Rapids Kari Hefnider
Downtown Skyway Minneapolis Ali Wolke
Downtown Skyway Minneapolis David Thorsen
Downtown Skyway Minneapolis Erin Sullivan
Downtown Skyway Minneapolis Greg Cutshall
Downtown Skyway Minneapolis Katie Farley
Downtown Skyway Minneapolis Rich Kusick
Dream Team Eau Claire Brady Zwiefelhofer
Dream Team Eau Claire Dawn Garcia
Dream Team Eau Claire Deb Hanson
Dream Team Eau Claire Elizabeth Griggs
Dream Team Eau Claire Tammy Braden
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Alex Campanini
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Amy Ugstad
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Barbara Allee
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Bob Feiro
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Christopher Correia
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Constance Jacoby
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Gloria Allan
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Joel Brekken
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Lisa Quarles
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Maureen Plaunt
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Michele DeNoble
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Michelle Maki
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Michelle Wall
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Samantha Kerr
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Sharon McMahon
Duluth Area Professionals Duluth Tad Johnson
Dynamic Leads St Louis Park Dawn Van Tassel
Dynamic Leads St Louis Park Jacob Sheehan
Dynamic Referrals Champlin Andrew Wilcox
Dynamic Referrals Champlin Anthony Brinda
Dynamic Referrals Champlin Calvin Smith
Dynamic Referrals Champlin David Persing
Dynamic Referrals Champlin Dustin Christen
Dynamic Referrals Champlin Karla Forde
Dynamic Referrals Champlin Mitchell Brecke
Dynamic Referrals Champlin Paul Gonsior
Dynamic Referrals Champlin Rachel Wernsing
Dynamic Referrals Champlin Terry Kinney
Early Bird Networkers Albert Lea Adam Godeke
Early Bird Networkers Albert Lea David Kramer
Early Bird Networkers Albert Lea Julie Knox
East Side Alliance Lake Elmo Beth Rogers
East Side Alliance Lake Elmo Bob Snyder
East Side Alliance Lake Elmo Eric Muths
East Side Alliance Lake Elmo Kimberly Hudon
East Side Alliance Lake Elmo Mike Kennedy
Elite Executives Eagan Andy Krueger
Elite Executives Eagan Brittany Rittich
Elite Executives Eagan Jean Link
Elite Executives Eagan LeAnn Lyon
Elite Executives Eagan Susan Taple
Executive Referrals Vadnais Heights Brad Torgerson
Executive Referrals Vadnais Heights Steven P. Carlson
Face 2 Face Roseville Debra Bland
Face 2 Face Roseville Joe Murphy
Face 2 Face Roseville Ross Gregerson
Face 2 Face Roseville Sue Schabert
Field of Riches Bloomington Andrea Allie
Field of Riches Bloomington Barry Bicanich
Field of Riches Bloomington Jessica Edwards-Smith
Field of Riches Bloomington Kay Halvorson
Field of Riches Bloomington Matt Swarthout
Fireside Minnetonka Amy Juntunen
Fireside Minnetonka Andrea Smith
Fireside Minnetonka Anita Motolinia
Fireside Minnetonka Anne L'Esperance
Fireside Minnetonka Brandon Olson
Fireside Minnetonka Carol Larson
Fireside Minnetonka Cathy Waldhauser
Fireside Minnetonka David Benenson
Fireside Minnetonka David Stay
Fireside Minnetonka Dayna Murray
Fireside Minnetonka Deb Wieberdink
Fireside Minnetonka Debra Shulman
Fireside Minnetonka Dr. Margaret Litchy-Miller
Fireside Minnetonka Gene Wood
Fireside Minnetonka Jayne Morrison
Fireside Minnetonka Jeff Barrett
Fireside Minnetonka Julie Hadges
Fireside Minnetonka Karinne Tarshish
Fireside Minnetonka Laura Estenson
Fireside Minnetonka Lynda Enright
Fireside Minnetonka Lynette Mayhew
Fireside Minnetonka Marjorie Austin
Fireside Minnetonka Matt Mountain
Fireside Minnetonka Mike Pahl
Fireside Minnetonka Mindy Hoenie
Fireside Minnetonka Paul Moon
Fireside Minnetonka Robin Johnson
Fireside Minnetonka Sonia Fortier
Fireside Minnetonka Steve Johnson
Fireside Minnetonka Tyler Kleinhuizen
Forest Lake Forest Lake Al Werling
Forest Lake Forest Lake Amy Nelson
Forest Lake Forest Lake Brian Nosie
Forest Lake Forest Lake Chad Brune
Forest Lake Forest Lake Fergus (Gus) Woolley
Forest Lake Forest Lake Heather Fine
Forest Lake Forest Lake Jacob Bush
Forest Lake Forest Lake Jean Houlding
Forest Lake Forest Lake John Bodine
Forest Lake Forest Lake Jon Hauglie
Forest Lake Forest Lake Les Hill
Forest Lake Forest Lake Marc McCarter
Forest Lake Forest Lake Stev Stegner
Forest Lake Forest Lake Susan Carlson
Forest Lake Forest Lake Tony Chiappetta
Front Line Business Builders Ramsey Philip Larson
Full Circle Plymouth Benjamin Rischall
Full Circle Plymouth Dan Thompson
Full Circle Plymouth Gary Leonard
Full Circle Plymouth Jay Dworsky
Full Circle Plymouth Jennifer Nixon
Full Circle Plymouth Joelene Calvert
Full Circle Plymouth John Branstad
Full Circle Plymouth Karen Bateman
Full Circle Plymouth Kayla Johnson
Full Circle Plymouth Kevin Gray
Full Circle Plymouth Kristi Thompson
Full Circle Plymouth Nick Roers
Full Circle Plymouth Patricia Trumbull
Full Circle Plymouth Paul Fox
Full Circle Plymouth Perry Pearson
Full Circle Plymouth Ron Schultz
Full Circle Plymouth Sarah Brynteson
Full Circle Plymouth Tara Carlson
Full Circle Plymouth Tom Gleason
Full Circle Plymouth Wade Muhlhauser
Givers G.R.O.W. Dodge Center Angela Putnam
Givers G.R.O.W. Dodge Center Eileen Jacobs-Melin
Givers G.R.O.W. Dodge Center John Buckingham
Givers G.R.O.W. Dodge Center Patrick McNally
Givers G.R.O.W. Dodge Center Taylor Metcalf
Givers G.R.O.W. Dodge Center Terry Stackhouse
Grand Connections Grand Rapids Angie Broberg
Grand Connections Grand Rapids Brad Nelson
Grand Connections Grand Rapids David Hack
Grand Connections Grand Rapids Dennis Gibbons
Grand Connections Grand Rapids Tanya Hebrink
Great River Referrals Monticello DeAnn Motter
Great River Referrals Monticello Joel Andersen
Greater Eau Claire Eau Claire Barbara Oas
Greater Eau Claire Eau Claire Gerald Bauer
Greater Eau Claire Eau Claire Jennifer Govin
Greater Eau Claire Eau Claire Kari Tatu
Greater Eau Claire Eau Claire Tami Severson
Handshake Referrals Maple Grove Elizabeth Tanner
Handshake Referrals Maple Grove Jake Blome
Handshake Referrals Maple Grove Scott Miller
Highlanders St. Paul Chris Lilja
Highlanders St. Paul Dawn Fossler
Highlanders St. Paul Eunice Neubauer
Highlanders St. Paul Gloria Russell
Highlanders St. Paul Herllan Serna
Highlanders St. Paul Holly Hayden
Highlanders St. Paul Karis Heffron
Highlanders St. Paul Katie Goetschel
Highlanders St. Paul Lowell Hansen
Highlanders St. Paul Mary Kay Dick
Highlanders St. Paul Virginia Humphreys
Integrity Edina Carly Mcpherson
Integrity Edina Carolyn Duffy
Integrity Edina Dave Lilja
Integrity Edina Deb Stensland
Integrity Edina Frank Brown
Integrity Edina Lisa Bouta
Integrity Edina Marge Cole
Integrity Edina Michelle Norton
Integrity Edina Sandra Larson
Intentional Excellence Plymouth Dan Petersen
Intentional Excellence Plymouth Eve Burnham
Intentional Excellence Plymouth Gregory D. Goeders, CFP, CLU
Intentional Excellence Plymouth Jonathan Morris
Intentional Excellence Plymouth Joshua Legband
Intentional Excellence Plymouth Lisa Martin
Intentional Excellence Plymouth Matthew Buckley
Intentional Excellence Plymouth Patty McLain
Intentional Excellence Plymouth Salvatore Steffano
Lake Country Connections Brainerd Aaron Baseman
Lake Country Connections Brainerd Brad Fleming
Lake Country Connections Brainerd Jim Tousignant
Lake Country Connections Brainerd Morgan Anderson
Lake Country Connections Brainerd Pete Lowe
Lake Country Connections Brainerd Ruth Norman
Lake Country Connections Brainerd Ryan Hokanson
Lake Country Connections Brainerd Todd Halls
Lake Country Connections Brainerd Trina Raymond
Lake Effect Wayzata Brian Holst
Lake Effect Wayzata Heather Howe
Lake Superior Duluth Chani Ninneman
Lake Superior Duluth Charlie Deville
Lake Superior Duluth Dawn Jensch
Lake Superior Duluth James Suttie
Lake Superior Duluth John Herron
Lake Superior Duluth Kevin O'Brien
Lake Superior Duluth Patrick Malley
Lake Superior Duluth Ryan Micke
Lake Superior Duluth Sam Schemmer
Lake Superior Duluth Travis McColley
Lake Superior Duluth Tylor Elm
Lakeshore Business Connection Shorewood John Sheldon
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Blake Lindquist
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Daniel Neubauer
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Derek Ketcho
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Jodi Theis
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Keith Ortloff
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Melissa Newkirk
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Michael Larkin
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Peter Hess
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Rick Selvey
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Shelley Jagow
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Taylor Schuette
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Tim Jopp
Lakeside Networkers Waconia Tony Austad
Lasting Impressions Champlin Bridget Herman
Lasting Impressions Champlin Bruce Lawrence
Lasting Impressions Champlin Jessica Hoch
Lasting Impressions Champlin Josh Heriot
Lasting Impressions Champlin Kenneth Anderson
Lasting Impressions Champlin Shawn Lappen
Lasting Impressions Champlin Yvette Zona
Leaders Edge Brainerd Christy Tobin
Leaders Edge Brainerd Michael Koop
Leaders Edge Brainerd Michele Willey
Leaders Edge Brainerd Shannon Zook
Leaders Edge Brainerd Suzanne "Suz" Pohl
Leaders Edge Brainerd Thomas Vasecka
Leads to Perfection Lake Elmo Ann Good
Leads to Perfection Lake Elmo Asea Renning
Leads to Perfection Lake Elmo Dan Fontana
Leads to Perfection Lake Elmo Diane Kass
Leads to Perfection Lake Elmo Jennifer Santini
Leads to Perfection Lake Elmo Marsha Anderson
Leads to Perfection Lake Elmo Nicole St. Sauver
Leads to Perfection Lake Elmo Sue Pape
Leads to Perfection Lake Elmo Timothy Brown
Leads to Referrals Lakeville BJ O'Brien
Leads to Referrals Lakeville Bob Hill
Leads to Referrals Lakeville Carolyn Luce
Leads to Referrals Lakeville Cathy Verhage
Leads to Referrals Lakeville Charlotte Swanson
Leads to Referrals Lakeville Heather Lawrenz
Leads to Referrals Lakeville Jake Perron
Leads to Referrals Lakeville Jenny Gott
Leads to Referrals Lakeville Jess Tiffany
Leads to Referrals Lakeville Rich Frieder
Leads to Referrals Lakeville Scott Kaiser
Leads to Success Andover Carmen Jorgensen
Leads to Success Andover David Bolt
Leads to Success Andover Debra Miller
Leads to Success Andover Jim Lang
Leads to Success Andover Lauren Rice
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Angela Hunstiger
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Bernie Schneider
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Brandon Crowley
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Chad Watters
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Char Pendergrass
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Gena Schottmuller
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Jake Bothwell
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Jason Hedstrand
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Jeff Rutz
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Jess Eischens
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Jill Lloyd
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Jim Dudley
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Jim Parker
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Joe Gauthier
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Jordan Schroeder
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Karen Lamb
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Kevin Lee
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Kim Unruh
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Matt Ariola
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Melissa McFey
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Patrick Arnason
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Paul Selbitschka
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Sheryl Aarnio
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Steve Kjelland
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Susan Snicale
Manitou Referrals Shoreview Tom Bulger
Masters of Networking Inver Grove Heights Andrea Myers
Masters of Networking Inver Grove Heights Steve Stremski
Me2U Referrals Forest Lake Marisa Sykora
Me2U Referrals Forest Lake Nannette LaNasa
Me2U Referrals Forest Lake William Anderson
Med City Marketers Rochester Bobbi Olson
Med City Marketers Rochester Dwight Scrabeck
Med City Marketers Rochester Jacque Hahn
Med City Marketers Rochester Jill Minette
Med City Marketers Rochester Mary Kuehn
Med City Marketers Rochester Netta Putzier
Med City Marketers Rochester Sandy Haddick
Metro Marketing Masters Woodbury Angie Agrey
Metro Marketing Masters Woodbury Emily Korf
Metro Marketing Masters Woodbury Gressa Schroeder
Metro Marketing Masters Woodbury Lynne Kuhn
Metro Marketing Masters Woodbury Stacy Houge
Metro Marketing Masters Woodbury Sue Groskreutz
MGM Networkers Maple Grove Justin Cox
Minnesota Valley Savage Anne Meehan
Minnesota Valley Savage Debra Mueller
Minnesota Valley Savage Jesse Sylvester
Minnesota Valley Savage Keith Larson
Minnesota Valley Savage Kevin Resch
Money Makers Northfield Andrew Ardolf
Money Makers Northfield Arlen Malecha
Money Makers Northfield Derek Muelken
Money Makers Northfield James Spaulding
Money Makers Northfield Jarid Finstuen
Money Makers Northfield Jeremy Ackerson
Money Makers Northfield Lisa Taylor
Money Makers Northfield Michele Jennings
Money Makers Northfield Rob Schanilec
Money Makers Northfield Ryan Clarey
Money Makers Northfield Tim Warner
Money Makers Northfield Vicki Olson
Morning Star Richfield Casey Larson
Morning Star Richfield Randy Edge
Morning Star Richfield Tim Sjoquist
Network Masters Delano Adam Stendahl
Network Masters Delano Amy Johnson
Network Masters Delano Amy Theisen
Network Masters Delano Angie Gilmore
Network Masters Delano Bruce McComb
Network Masters Delano Damon Kocina
Network Masters Delano Dave Jaunich
Network Masters Delano John P. Fahey
Network Masters Delano Judy Jacobson
Network Masters Delano Kevin Jaunich
Network Masters Delano Patrick Eischens
Network Masters Delano Shawn Neutgens
Network Masters Delano Tawnia Prior
Network Masters Delano Theresa Celander
Network Masters Delano Theresa Kelly
Network Masters Delano Therese Salonek
Network Results Burnsville Deborah Streeter
Northern Exposure Bemidji Christina Heinlen
Northern Exposure Bemidji Daniel Frost
Northern Exposure Bemidji Daniel Maloney
Northern Exposure Bemidji Jordan Anderson
Northern Exposure Bemidji Kelly Carlson
Northern Exposure Bemidji Kenneth Cobb
Northern Exposure Bemidji Mark Machayya
Northern Exposure Bemidji Megan Anderson
Northern Exposure Bemidji Mike Headlee
Northern Exposure Bemidji Norm Berg
Northern Exposure Bemidji Paula Howard
Northern Exposure Bemidji Sandra Allen
Northern Exposure Bemidji Summer Nitsch
Northern Exposure Bemidji Tracy Appel
Northern Exposure Bemidji Wayne Chadwick
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Adam Erwin
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Al Ancheta
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Al Wigglesworth
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Alan Coleman
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Alan Thompson
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Amanda Juelson
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Andrea Grabow
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Bruce Bowman
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Chad Erchul
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Creighton Clemens
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove David Graff
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Doug Lucas
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Harry Londer
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Jarrod Peterson
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Jon Morphew
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Josh Bitz
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Kara Wolf
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Kelsey Schwartz
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Kristine Morin
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Mark A. Skipper
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Mark Cheeley
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Mark Zubert
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Michael Pfeifer
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Michael Ude
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Peter Kelzenberg
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Peter Will
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Rich LaFlamme
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Scott Vonderharr
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Steve Edwards
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Terry Cox
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Tifany Renner
Northwest Suburban Maple Grove Wymond Wong
Notorious Networkers Maple Grove Cassie Lyke
Notorious Networkers Maple Grove Marcus Kasper
Notorious Networkers Maple Grove Roger Ruhr
Notorious Networkers Maple Grove Scott Willet
Omega Coon Rapids Anita Spading
Omega Coon Rapids Anne Marie Proulx
Omega Coon Rapids Joe Thatcher
Omega Coon Rapids Lisa Skordahl
Omega Coon Rapids Theresa Decker
Omega Coon Rapids Troy Thompson
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Brenda Roux
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Donald Ryther
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Jennifer Wosoba
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Julie Franz
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Karri Lane
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Linda Cockrell
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Lori Millam
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Marcia Arlt
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Michelle Eddy
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Nancy Grzybowski
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Stacy Korsmoe
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Steven Dillner
Opportunity Plus Referrals Elk River Terry Berg
Owatonna Business Networkers Owatonna B.J. Busho
Owatonna Business Networkers Owatonna Brian Gfrerer
Owatonna Business Networkers Owatonna Katie Smith
Owatonna Business Networkers Owatonna Mark Peterson
Owatonna Business Networkers Owatonna Steve Zappa
Pinnacle Referrals Woodbury Amy Lauria
Pinnacle Referrals Woodbury Jason Pulczinski
Polar Professionals White Bear Lake Irina Harrington
Polar Professionals White Bear Lake Jeanne Hauser
Power Links Apple Valley Andrea Liverseed
Power Links Apple Valley Michael Finstad
Power Networkers Plymouth Angela Mai Emerson
Power Networkers Plymouth Brent A. Fossum
Power Networkers Plymouth Kevin Klein
Power Networkers Plymouth Kim Cullen
Power Networkers Plymouth Pam Prosser
Powerhouse Partners Rosemount Amy Lemaniak
Powerhouse Partners Rosemount Anne McClimon
Powerhouse Partners Rosemount Ashley Pevear
Powerhouse Partners Rosemount Brian Burgeson
Powerhouse Partners Rosemount Danielle Flenniken
Powerhouse Partners Rosemount Jennette Cisneros
Powerhouse Partners Rosemount Karen Ybarra
Powerhouse Partners Rosemount Matthew Coutu
Powerhouse Partners Rosemount Sondra Smith
Powerhouse Partners Rosemount Todd Rabell-O'Halloran
Powerhouse Partners Rosemount Zach Nelson
Premier Professionals Prior Lake Adam Kobler
Premier Professionals Prior Lake Brad Hanson
Premier Professionals Prior Lake Dave Tovsen
Premier Professionals Prior Lake Michael Beach
Premier Professionals Prior Lake Ross Erickson
Premier Professionals Prior Lake Sheila Hittner
Premier Professionals Prior Lake Tyler Mattson
Prime Connections Minneapolis Barbara Olson
Prime Connections Minneapolis Diana Grundeen
Prime Connections Minneapolis Wesley Traen
Priority Networkers Prior Lake Kris Huber
Priority Networkers Prior Lake Mary Jo Johnson
Professional Edge Edina Bridget Richardson
Professional Edge Edina Daniel Vargas
Professional Edge Edina Darin Wagner
Professional Edge Edina Erik Reis DC, DACNB, CBIS
Professional Edge Edina Gandy Wong
Professional Edge Edina Lois Tiedemann Koffi
Professional Edge Edina Lyndie Walker
Professional Edge Edina Mark Trudeau
Professional Edge Edina Patricia Darke
Professional Edge Edina Tony Raiber
Professional Edge Edina Trish Perry
Professional Referral Team St. Cloud David Vee
Professional Referral Team St. Cloud Eileen Theisen
Professional Referral Team St. Cloud Jill Swanson
Professional Referral Team St. Cloud Lori Tiffany
Professional Referral Team St. Cloud Molly Sobania
Prosperous Partners Savage Christopher Volner
Prosperous Partners Savage Gretchen Sullwold
Prosperous Partners Savage Jennifer S. Stevens
Prosperous Partners Savage Luke Warkenthien
Quarry Connections St. Cloud Abigail Laudenbach
Quarry Connections St. Cloud Brenda Roettger
Quarry Connections St. Cloud Jamie Sieben
Quarry Connections St. Cloud Jason Walker
Quarry Connections St. Cloud Matthew Head
Quarry Connections St. Cloud Rebecca Peterson
Quarry Connections St. Cloud Roseann Engelmeyer
Quarry Connections St. Cloud Tom Johnson
Rapid Referral Grand Rapids Amy Beier
Rapid Referral Grand Rapids Ben Edwards
Rapid Referral Grand Rapids David Brown
Rapid Referral Grand Rapids Debbie Sias
Rapid Referral Grand Rapids Kyle Figgins
Rapid Referral Grand Rapids Lilah Crowe
Rapid Referral Grand Rapids Ryan Davis
Rapid Referral Grand Rapids Sherry Frick
Rapid Referral Grand Rapids Wendy Uzelac
Real Connections Coon Rapids Cari Twitchell
Real Connections Coon Rapids David Widell
Real Connections Coon Rapids Jessi Gurr
Real Connections Coon Rapids Katie Lawrence
Real Connections Coon Rapids Shane Desmet
Real Connections Coon Rapids Sharon Holle
Red Hot Referrals White Bear Lake Angela Elliot
Red Hot Referrals White Bear Lake Jeanette Amundson
Red Hot Referrals White Bear Lake Malia Weinhagen
Red Hot Referrals White Bear Lake Marcus Winbush
Red Hot Referrals White Bear Lake Michael Anderson
Red Hot Referrals White Bear Lake Randie Schwab
Red Hot Referrals White Bear Lake Rona Mlnarik
Refer It Forward Willmar Amy Post
Refer It Forward Willmar Dottie Peterson
Refer It Forward Willmar Emily Flannigan
Refer It Forward Willmar Shelly Schlangen
Referral Masters Andover Andrew Brown
Referral Masters Andover Jason Matt
Referral Masters Andover Lyle Reynolds
Referral Masters Andover Maija Norwood
Referral Masters Andover Mark Grissman
Referral Masters Andover Robin England
Referral Masters Andover Shelle Page
Referral Masters Andover Tony Sablak
Referral Partners Maple Grove Faye Myers
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau Andy Grundman
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau Gregg James
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau James Kramer
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau Jay Cricks
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau Jennifer Tryba
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau Jim Jaworski
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau Kim Susens
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau Lee Peek
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau Mike Haylett
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau Ryan Hanson
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau Scott Estlund
Rev'd By Referrals Wausau Tanya Gehrig
Rice River Referrals Northfield John Thomas
River City St. Cloud Andrew Jacobs
River City St. Cloud Heidi Voigt
River City St. Cloud Leah Pudlick
River City St. Cloud Tammy Christopherson
River City St. Cloud Valerie Kern
River City St. Cloud Vienna Hansen
Riverbend Networking Mankato Clark Diel
Riverbend Networking Mankato Stephanie Kruger
Riverbend Networking Mankato Tiffany Meyer
Riverbend Networking Mankato Zack Kolars
Riverfront Referrals New Richmond Aaron Miller
Riverfront Referrals New Richmond Anders Johnson
Riverfront Referrals New Richmond Holly Perry
Riverfront Referrals New Richmond John Opitz
Riverfront Referrals New Richmond Kelly Lathrop
Riverfront Referrals New Richmond Patrick Cota
Rockin Referrals St. Paul Alexander G Pruitt
Rockin Referrals St. Paul Betsy Morse
Rockin Referrals St. Paul Char Dobbs
Rockin Referrals St. Paul Hal Tiffany
Rockin Referrals St. Paul Joe Tupy
Rockin Referrals St. Paul Paul Mockovak
Rum River Referrals Cambridge Bob Scott
Rum River Referrals Cambridge Derek Ogren
Rum River Referrals Cambridge Jayne Beise
Runestone Referrals Alexandria Abby Kleinschmidt
Runestone Referrals Alexandria Anne Wiener
Runestone Referrals Alexandria Carl Kvale
Runestone Referrals Alexandria Cody Rieland
Runestone Referrals Alexandria Gina Christopherson
Runestone Referrals Alexandria James Arvidson
Runestone Referrals Alexandria Jessica Massmann
Runestone Referrals Alexandria Rebecca Miller
Runestone Referrals Alexandria Rick Thiery
Runestone Referrals Alexandria Stephen Henning
Runestone Referrals Alexandria Todd Emmons
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Barb Carlson
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Chris Biehle
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Coley Blank
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Dan Butter
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Erin Bergem
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Erin King
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Heath Jakes
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Jaime Adam
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Jason Smith
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Lesa Dobie
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Mark Wilkes
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Megan Kruger
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Micah Benway
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Robert Van Winkle
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Sara Hillesheim
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Scott Hanson
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Steve Albers
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Steve Beisang
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Steven Heil
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Suzanne McWilliams
Shoreline Connections Plymouth Theresa Bea
South Lake Networking Excelsior Coty Lynch
South Lake Networking Excelsior Gary Ringate
South Lake Networking Excelsior Matthew Carlson
South Lake Networking Excelsior Nate Stangler
South Lake Networking Excelsior Susan Macuna
South Metro Edina Amber Weingart
South Metro Edina Ann Soltis
South Metro Edina Brian Reichenberger
South Metro Edina Colleen Goulet
South Metro Edina Colleen Schultz
South Metro Edina Craig Weber
South Metro Edina David Swanson
South Metro Edina David Weisgurt
South Metro Edina Diane Cole
South Metro Edina Eric Schmitt
South Metro Edina Gloria Gilstad
South Metro Edina Igor Boz
South Metro Edina Jackie LaLonde
South Metro Edina James Hommerding
South Metro Edina Jason Jones
South Metro Edina Juan Ramirez
South Metro Edina Kerry Meagher
South Metro Edina Kristin Kingsbury
South Metro Edina Landon Ramsey
South Metro Edina Larry Davis
South Metro Edina Lisa Emery
South Metro Edina Lisa Haster
South Metro Edina Lyle Drangstveit
South Metro Edina Lynn Ramsey
South Metro Edina Mark Bellestri
South Metro Edina Mark Weldy
South Metro Edina Mary Imhoff
South Metro Edina Michael Thompson
South Metro Edina Nancy Giacomuzzi
South Metro Edina Rick Martinek
South Metro Edina Tim Baumann
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Adrienne Thompson
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Alan Jacobs-Smith
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Angie Pitzl
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Chanin Zellner
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Christy Carr
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Damon Lacey
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Jordan Cozatt
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Maud Duggan
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Nancy Clairmont Carr
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Robin Abrahamson
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Tom Geoffroy
Southwest Metro Eden Prairie Vincent Martin
Sphere of Success Woodbury Barry Oxton
Sphere of Success Woodbury Laura Draxler
St. Paul Success St. Paul Bill Zimbinski
St. Paul Success St. Paul Doug Staley
St. Paul Success St. Paul Gina Cummans
St. Paul Success St. Paul Jeffrey King
St. Paul Success St. Paul Jillaine DeGraw
St. Paul Success St. Paul John Mandt
St. Paul Success St. Paul Justin Amundson
St. Paul Success St. Paul Karen Carr
St. Paul Success St. Paul Megan Keczan
St. Paul Success St. Paul Rachel Schromen
St. Paul Success St. Paul Rebecca Speed
St. Paul Success St. Paul Robert Gullick
Star of the North Elk River Dea Johnson
Star of the North Elk River Jessica Suarez
Star of the North Elk River Joe Van Orsdol
Star of the North Elk River Judy DeGreeff
Star of the North Elk River Kim Zimmer
Star of the North Elk River Rick Roche
Star of the North Elk River Sandra Rebrovich
Star of the North Elk River Terry Gries
Star of the North Elk River Tim Gerber
Star of the North Elk River Tony Rumreich
STAR Partners Rockford Amber Smith
STAR Partners Rockford Arnie Wentland
STAR Partners Rockford Chris Stoltenow
STAR Partners Rockford Elizabeth Graunke
STAR Partners Rockford Jennifer Nelson
STAR Partners Rockford Jessica Donaldson
STAR Partners Rockford Julie Stoltman-Kubes
STAR Partners Rockford Kevin Engebretson
STAR Partners Rockford LeAnn Sather
STAR Partners Rockford Lee Schlosser
STAR Partners Rockford Lisa K. Rasmussen
STAR Partners Rockford Phil Swafford
STAR Partners Rockford Roberta Henrich
STAR Partners Rockford Shane Modrow
STAR Partners Rockford Tessa Schumacher
STAR Partners Rockford Tim Pivec
STAR Partners Rockford Todd Anderson
Success Masters Andover Alice Pallum
Success Masters Andover Brock DeVries
Success Masters Andover Doug Kasseth
Success Masters Andover Reyna Rousseau
Success Unlimited Red Wing Ali Ganser
Success Unlimited Red Wing Susie Matthees
Synergy New Brighton Fred Peters
Synergy Partners Apple Valley BJ Johnson
Synergy Partners Apple Valley David Dierfeldt
Synergy Partners Apple Valley David Majzner
Synergy Partners Apple Valley Shirley Larson
Synergy Partners Apple Valley Valerie Bigham
The Lakes Minnetonka Andrew Barnes
The Lakes Minnetonka Douglas Hunt
Tracks To Success Big Lake Denny Nelson
Tracks To Success Big Lake Joe Gruenes
Tracks To Success Big Lake Melanie Roisland
Tracks To Success Big Lake Melissa Powell
Tracks To Success Big Lake Mike Brandt
Tracks To Success Big Lake Molly Nadeau Peterson
Tracks To Success Big Lake Naomi Koecheler
Tracks To Success Big Lake Timothy Suchy
Tracks To Success Big Lake Troy Robinson
Tri County Referrals Eau Claire Kayla Simmons
Ultimate Networking Blaine Abbey Harty
Ultimate Networking Blaine Anita Hansen
Ultimate Networking Blaine Malinda Carter
Ultimate Networking Blaine Steven Smith
Ultimate Networking Blaine Tammy Larson
Valley Professionals Hudson Beth Mondor
Valley Professionals Hudson Brad Hetland
Valley Professionals Hudson Brent Johnson
Valley Professionals Hudson Chris Wood
Valley Professionals Hudson Colin Thorpe
Valley Professionals Hudson David Kell
Valley Professionals Hudson Jennifer Krohn-Shupe
Valley Professionals Hudson Jim Anderson
Valley Professionals Hudson Karri Riedel
Valley Professionals Hudson Ryan Sherley
Valley Professionals Hudson Steven Fall
Valley Professionals Hudson Teresa Hensel
Victory Referrals Robbinsdale Alex Wasnick
Victory Referrals Robbinsdale Amanda Lanser
Victory Referrals Robbinsdale Chad Levis
Victory Referrals Robbinsdale Debra Krych
Victory Referrals Robbinsdale Garrett M. Groebner
Victory Referrals Robbinsdale Jolene Youngblood
Victory Referrals Robbinsdale Trent Shipley
W.I.N. Rochester Matthew Chmielewski
Wausau Founders Wausau Jason Weister
Wausau Founders Wausau Mike Husnick
Wausau Founders Wausau Russell Utech
Wausau Founders Wausau Shelly Talley-Nelsen
Wednesday Morning Originals Fargo Nicholas Barney
Wednesday Morning Originals Fargo Shelle Moran
West Carver Connections Norwood Young America Ellen Hem-Ryan
West Carver Connections Norwood Young America Jessica Gorres
West Carver Connections Norwood Young America Tim Dreier
West Central Business Builders Willmar Connie M Burns
West Central Business Builders Willmar Heather Nett
West Central Business Builders Willmar Janene Felt
West Central Business Builders Willmar Jody Toren
West Central Business Builders Willmar Mary Beth Nehl
West Central Business Builders Willmar Ross Peterson
West Central Business Builders Willmar Valerie Amberg
West Effect Plymouth Lindsey Manhart
Westonka Mound Bob Christians
Westonka Mound Craig Piepkorn
Westonka Mound Janet Symons
Westonka Mound Jayme Clayton
Westonka Mound Rod Burriss
Westonka Mound Terese West
Westonka Mound Woody Balut
Westwinds Minnetonka Anne Richardson
Westwinds Minnetonka Beth Lasseter
Westwinds Minnetonka Carla Kilian
Westwinds Minnetonka Jeffrey Gilbert
Westwinds Minnetonka Kathy Rauth
Westwinds Minnetonka Michael Casey
Westwinds Minnetonka Michael Chalmers
Westwinds Minnetonka Michael Tewksbury
Westwinds Minnetonka Patti Marrin
Westwinds Minnetonka Paula Callies
Westwinds Minnetonka Paula Pursley
Westwinds Minnetonka Philip Ruce
Westwinds Minnetonka Stacia Christenson
Westwinds Minnetonka Tom Aamot
Winners Circle Shakopee Bob Guenin
Winners Circle Shakopee Cheryl Hawkins
Winners Circle Shakopee Mary Pauly
Winners Circle Shakopee Matthew Fahey
Wood City Scanlon Jason Kuss
Wood City Scanlon Joe Beaupre
Wood City Scanlon Mackenzie Belich
Wood City Scanlon Natalie Magnuson
Wood City Scanlon Nicole Milberger
Wood City Scanlon Paul Johnston
Wright Connections Buffalo Adam Wardrip
Wright Connections Buffalo Scott Zenner
Wright Connections Buffalo Sherry Dahmen
Wright Connections Buffalo Teresa Braccini
Zenith City Business Builders Duluth Andy Grengs
Zenith City Business Builders Duluth Benjamin Kaasa
Zenith City Business Builders Duluth Eric Carlson
Zenith City Business Builders Duluth Kevin Collard
Zenith City Business Builders Duluth Sara Grengs
Zenith City Business Builders Duluth Tom Schaer
Zumbro Valley Rochester Barbara Wright-Quarton
Zumbro Valley Rochester Bob Fligge
Zumbro Valley Rochester Christine Lahr
Zumbro Valley Rochester Craig Holschlag
Zumbro Valley Rochester David Legault
Zumbro Valley Rochester Doug Herdahl
Zumbro Valley Rochester Doug Schommer
Zumbro Valley Rochester Douglas Gillard
Zumbro Valley Rochester Judith Zavala
Zumbro Valley Rochester LuAnn Buechler
Zumbro Valley Rochester Mark Nelson
Zumbro Valley Rochester Stephen Rose