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PO Box 390405
Minneapolis, MN 55439

Phone: 612-664-9500
Fax: 952-920-6496

Gold Club Members

Gold Club Members are recognized for sponsoring six (6) or more new members into BNI (any chapter, any region, any time frame). Gold Club Members receive a special member badge along with recognition within their chapter and on the regional website.

NOTE: If you feel the information below is inaccurate, please email and let us know (1) who you sponsored, (2) which chapter they joined and (3) when they joined BNI. We would like to update our system and recognize you for your efforts!


Congratulations to all of our Gold Club Members as of January 2017!

Gold Club Member Home Chapter # of Members Sponsored
Nancy Giacomuzzi South Metro 34
Ben Olson Intentional Excellence 28
Lois Tiedemann Koffi Professional Edge 26
Tonya Peterson Intentional Excellence 22
Steve Wein Core Connections 21
Brad Torgerson Executive Referrals 19
Becky Nielsen Right Networkers 17
Dawn Garcia Dream Team 13
John Thomas Rice River Referrals 13
Kathleen Laverdiere Notorious Networkers 13
Lisa Humfeld-Wilson All About Action 13
Alice Pallum Success Masters 12
Heather Lawrenz Leads to Referrals 12
Amy Theisen Network Masters 11
Colleen Schultz South Metro 11
Derek Gilbert Valley Professionals 11
Sondra Smith Powerhouse Partners 10
Beth Milbrett Business Connectors 9
Jay Cricks Rev'd By Referrals 9
Julie Knox Early Bird Networkers 9
Rae Mickle Lasting Impressions 9
Rob Kellner Masters of Networking 9
Robyn James Business Connectors 9
Sheila Hittner Premier Professionals 9
Steve Stremski Masters of Networking 9
Aaron Miller Riverfront Referrals 8
Alan Coleman Northwest Suburban 8
Angela Sadat Quality Referrals 8
Dottie Peterson Refer It Forward 8
Erin Sullivan Downtown Skyway 8
Geoff Wolterstorff Tri County Referrals 8
Jeremy Dobson Cities Business Alliance 8
Jeremy Salzbrun Connections With Class 8
Kevin Snow Absolute Connections 8
Patrick McNamara Executive Referrals 8
Sue Heldstab Winners Circle 8
Tim Kindem Cities Business Alliance 8
Todd Emmons Runestone Referrals 8
Andrew Brown Referral Masters 7
Andrew Scrivener Priority Networkers 7
Arlyce Cleveland Absolute Connections 7
Beth Jones Referral Masters 7
Brent Romenesko 10,000 Connections 7
Carol Larson Fireside 7
Chris Biehle Shoreline Connections 7
Christian Strong Professional Edge 7
Jarrod Peterson Northwest Suburban 7
Jessi Gurr Real Connections 7
Joyce Tesarek Prime Connections 7
Juan Ramirez South Metro 7
Lindsey Manhart West Effect 7
Paula Pursley Westwinds 7
Pete Ice Lake Effect 7
Scott Miller Handshake Referrals 7
Scott Vonderharr Northwest Suburban 7
Scott Watkins 805 Network 7
Sherry Dahmen Wright Connections 7
Suzanne McWilliams Shoreline Connections 7
Tara Schmakel Core Connections 7
Alicia Lokke Zenith City Business Builders 6
Amber Pietan, CTA, LS Creating Connections 6
Amy Juntunen Fireside 6
Anita Motolinia Fireside 6
Anne McClimon Powerhouse Partners 6
Benjamin Smetana Polar Professionals 6
Bill Sparkes Tri County Referrals 6
Bob Christians Westonka 6
Chris Webb Absolute Connections 6
Douglas Hunt The Lakes 6
James Burns Omega 6
Jeff Klemmer St. Croix Valley Network Professionals 6
Jim Schaefer Sales Starters 6
Jordan Cozatt Southwest Metro 6
Kari Switala Leads to Referrals 6
Lisa Martin Intentional Excellence 6
Mark Bellestri South Metro 6
Nannette LaNasa Me2U Referrals 6
Nic Romero All About Business 6
Nick Roers Full Circle 6
Nye McCarty Star of the North 6
Perry de Stefano Circle of Connections 6
Ron Nesvold Grand Connections 6
Sharlene Downs Breakfast Club 6
Steve Albers Shoreline Connections 6
Steven Cone Winona Business Connections 6
Ted Kaminski Handshake Referrals 6
Tony Chiappetta Forest Lake 6
Almost There… Home Chapter # of Members Sponsored
Amy Ugstad Duluth Area Professionals 5
Ann Good Leads to Perfection 5
Anthony Brinda Dynamic Referrals 5
Barry Oxton Sphere of Success 5
Becky Pauly Core Connections 5
Bill Mickle Great River Referrals 5
Brad Gombold Go Givers 5
Brenda Brinkman-Smith Absolute Connections 5
Bruce Beeman Early Bird Networkers 5
Christina Heinlen Northern Exposure 5
Dana Schomberg 24-7 Alliance 5
David Vee Professional Referral Team 5
Dawn Paetz Business Builders 5
Debra Krych Victory Referrals 5
Deron Heidecker Ultimate Networking 5
Gressa Schroeder Metro Marketing Masters 5
Jake Clermont Chain Reaction 5
James Vande Castle Premier Professionals 5
Jason Miller Quarry Connections 5
Jennifer Wettergren Creating Connections 5
Jill Minette-Stacey Med City Marketers 5
Joe Gruenes Tracks To Success 5
John Girtz 24-7 Alliance 5
Julie Hamilton Absolute Connections 5
Kathleen Lawler Sphere of Success 5
Leland Brincefield West Carver Connections 5
Linda Wander River City 5
Mark Westerman Circle Drive Leaders 5
Michelle Begin Metro Marketing Masters 5
Mike Kovar Absolute Connections 5
Russell Utech Wausau Founders 5
Scott Monserud Front Line Business Builders 5
Sue Schabert Face 2 Face 5
Tiffany Meyer Riverbend Networking 5
Tim Pivec STAR Partners 5
Tom Gleason Full Circle 5
Valerie Kern River City 5
Valorie Gast TEAM Wausau 5
Wayne Watson Business Builders 5
Aaron Baseman Lake Country Connections 4
Aaron Thompson South Lake Networking 4
Andrew Luing Westwinds 4
Andrew Murphy Lakeshore Business Connection 4
Andy Grengs Zenith City Business Builders 4
Becky Mittelstaedt 10,000 Connections 4
Bob Guenin Winners Circle 4
Brett Christensen Better Business Builders 4
Brian Paulson 805 Network 4
Bruce Napier Masters of Networking 4
Carson Romme W.I.N. 4
Chad Babcock South Lake Networking 4
Chad Kuehn Revenue Generators 4
Connie Burns West Central Business Builders 4
Craig Lund Valley Professionals 4
Dan Kokesh Lakeshore Business Connection 4
David Widell Real Connections 4
Deb Hanson Dream Team 4
Deena Lindstrom Creating Connections 4
Dennis Merillat Power Lunch 4
Derek Brant Wright Connections 4
Diana Grundeen Prime Connections 4
Eileen Theisen Professional Referral Team 4
Eric Tiffany 1st Choice 4
Gerald Bauer Greater Eau Claire 4
Gloria Russell Highlanders 4
Greg Witry Handshake Referrals 4
Gretchen Boyd Me2U Referrals 4
James Peterson Arbor Lakes Networkers 4
Jason Gorman Go Givers 4
Jeremy Warring Sales Starters 4
Joanne Marquardt Refer It Forward 4
John Mandt St. Paul Success 4
John Munson Connections With Class 4
Jonas Stomberg St. Paul Success 4
Jonathan Drewes Minnesota Valley 4
Joshua Legband Intentional Excellence 4
Karen Ybarra Powerhouse Partners 4
Katie Hultquist River City 4
Kevin Jaunich Network Masters 4
Kevin O'Brien Lake Superior 4
Linda Johnson Owatonna Business Networkers 4
Linda Towne Wood City 4
Lori Eskew Core Connections 4
Lori Thompson Leads to Success 4
Mark Nelson Zumbro Valley 4
Mary Pauly Winners Circle 4
Megan Kruger Shoreline Connections 4
Melissa Yates Rev'd By Referrals 4
Michael Finstad Power Links 4
Michelle Wall Duluth Area Professionals 4
Nancy Clairmont Carr Southwest Metro 4
Nate Stangler South Lake Networking 4
Nick Simon Dynamic Referrals 4
Nicole Hamel St. Paul Success 4
Noel Zinda-Casperson River City 4
Pamela McCarthy Leads to Referrals 4
Parrish Skrien Creating Connections 4
Patricia Manuel Wright Connections 4
Patti Lindberg Pinnacle Referrals 4
Rachel Sperling Leonard Business Beyond Fronteras 4
Rhett Trotter Dynamic Referrals 4
Rich Frieder Leads to Referrals 4
Rick Schwab North Branch New Chapter Development  4
RJ Larson Duluth Area Professionals 4
Scott Goodmanson Wright Connections 4
Shannon Anderson Referral Partners 4
Sheila Wall Dream Team 4
Stev Stegner Forest Lake 4
Steven Miller Referral Partners 4
Tami Severson Greater Eau Claire 4
Tiffany Larson Absolute Connections 4
Tom Johnson Quarry Connections 4
Troy Mason Bayside Referrals 4