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BNI Minnesota & Northern Wisconsin
PO Box 390405
Minneapolis, MN 55439

Phone: 612-664-9500
Fax: 952-920-6496


2016 BNI Summer Olympics Medalists

Division I Country Visitors New Renew CEU Total Points Overall Medal
Intentional Excellence Switzerland Gold Silver Gold Silver 5370 Gold
Fireside Bolivia Silver   Silver Gold 5275 Silver
Business Connectors Denmark   Gold   Bronze 2990 Bronze
Network Masters Costa Rica Bronze Bronze Bronze   2580  
Division II Country Visitors New Renew CEU Total Points Overall Medal
South Metro Grenada Gold Bronze (Tie) Silver (Tie) Silver 2790 Gold (Tie)
Westwinds Indonesia       Gold 2790 Gold (Tie)
Integrity Netherlands   Bronze (Tie) Silver (Tie)   2325 Silver
Manitou Referrals Papua New Guinea   Silver (Tie) Gold   2080 Bronze
Opportunity Plus Referrals Saint Kitts and Nevis     Bronze (Tie)   1925  
STAR Partners Honduras       Bronze 1915  
Chippewa Valley Argentina         1850  
Absolute Connections Jamaica Bronze       1780  
Dream Team Barbados Silver Silver (Tie)     1755  
Elite Executives Belgium   Gold     1420  
Victory Referrals Sweden     Bronze (Tie)   1030  
805 Network Ivory Coast         610  
Arbor Lakes Networkers Romania         600  
Med City Marketers Philippines         500  
Circle of Connections Maldives         490  
Ultimate Networking Hungary         425  
Division III Country Visitors New Renew CEU Total Points Overall Medal
Business Builders Luxembourg   Bronze   Gold 1200 Gold
Me2U Referrals Peru   Gold Bronze   1200 Gold
Breakfast Club Belize       Silver 820 Silver
Highlanders Cape Verde Gold       770 Bronze
Powerhouse Partners Ecuador         660  
River City Namibia   Silver Gold   625  
Lakeshore Business Connection Norway Bronze (Tie)       625  
Prime Connections Egypt Silver       580  
Power Links Saint Lucia         530  
Red Hot Referrals Fiji       Bronze 510  
Success Masters Spain         485  
Shoreline Connections Great Britain Bronze (Tie)       425  
Northwest Suburban Cyprus         400  
Full Circle British Virgin Islands         400  
Prosperous Partners San Marino         370  
Wright Connections Palau         340  
Commerce Fusion Australia         335  
Southwest Metro Guatemala         335  
Priority Networkers Samoa         325  
Front Line Business Builders Mongolia         325  
Tri County Referrals Myanmar         305  
Rev'd by Referrals       Silver   300  
Refer It Forward Senegal         260  
Wednesday Morning Originals Liberia         250  
Grand Connections Montenegro         245  
Valley Networkers Sudan         235  
Connections Unlimited Austria         225  
Early Bird Networkers Myanmar         225  
Riverfront Referrals Georgia         215  
Division IV Country Visitors New Renew CEU Total Points Overall Medal
Core Connections Bahamas Silver (Tie)   Silver Gold 1185 Gold
Referral Masters Trinidad and Tobago       Silver 815 Silver
Omega Great Britan Silver (Tie)   Gold   425 Bronze
Referral Resources France   Gold     400  
Cities Business Alliance Aruba   Silver     390  
Sphere of Success Guyana Bronze Bronze     375  
All About Business Antigua and Barbuda       Bronze 325  
Forest Lake Brazil (Host) Gold       275  
Diversified Business Professionals Malaysia     Bronze   250  
Referral Link Finland         225  
Lake Country Connections Nepal         190  
Referral Partners Serbia         120  
Lasting Impressions Palestine         100  
East Side Alliance Belarus         100  
Division V Country Visitors New Renew CEU Total Points Overall Medal
Winners Circle Syria Silver Gold     1150 Gold
Executive Referrals Bermuda Bronze Silver     575 Silver
Synergy Partners Sri Lanka     Silver   535 Bronze
24-7 Alliance Angola Gold   Bronze Gold 350  
West Central Business Builders Chile         350  
MGM Networkers Portugal   Bronze (Tie)     270  
Leads to Perfection Colombia         230  
Better Business Builders Kenya         225  
Premier Professionals Saint Vincent and the Grenadines         155  
Masters of Networking Paraguay         140  
Duluth Area Professionals Mali   Bronze (Tie)   Bronze 125  
All About Action Japan         125  
West Carver Connections India       Silver 100  
Greater Eau Claire Canada         100  
Professional Problem Solvers Estonia         50  
Right Networkers South Africa         20  
Leads to Success Panama     Gold   10  
10,000 Connections Italy         0  
Division VI Country Visitors New Renew CEU Total Points Overall Medal
Real Connections São Tomé and Príncipe Gold Silver   Gold 805 Gold
Zumbro Valley Ireland Bronze Gold     275 Silver
Valley Professionals Iceland       Silver 260 Bronze
St. Paul Success Turkey Silver Bronze (Tie) Bronze   250  
South Lake Networking Greece   Bronze (Tie) Gold   200  
Lake Superior New Zealand     Silver   100  
Circle Drive Leaders Armenia       Bronze 80  
Rice River Referrals Singapore         70  
Power Networkers Dominican Republic         60  
Handshake Referrals Morocco         50  
Polar Professionals Dominica         10  
Business Beyond Fronteras Kuwait         0  
Dynamic Referrals Mexico         0  
Network Results Russia         0  
Star of the North Haiti         0  
Wood City Chinese Taipei         0  
Morning Star Qatar         0  
Zenith City Business Builders Tajikistan         0  
Lake Effect China         0  
Success Unlimited Hong Kong         0  
1st Choice Algeria         0  
Field of Riches Monaco         0  
Givers G.R.O.W. Burundi         0  
Infinite Referrals Cayman Islands         0  
Rockin Referrals Germany         0  
Sales Starters South Korea         0  


Details: When are reports pulled? – Monday at noon.
Awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze chapter awards will be given for each category in each division. Additionally, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be given for overall points in each division. That’s 30 awards given in Phase One!

  • When are scores posted? – Monday afternoon
  • Where are scores posted? – Regional Facebook page, website, email
  • How are weekly scores tallied?

Visitors – 25 points per visitor

Report used – Chapter Visitor Report
Who from your chapter enters Info – Visitor host
Important Info: Visitor name and contact information must entered and only the first visit counts.

New Members – 100 points per new member

Report Used – New Member Application.
Who from your chapter enters Info? – Secretary/Treasurer/Regional Office
Important Info: Application date must be between June 27th and August 19th (first round). Payment and completed application must be received on or before August 19th in order to qualify.

Renewing Members – 50 points per renewing member

Report Used – Online Renewal Applications
Who from your chapter enters the info – Member renews online
Important Info: Member does NOT have to be up for renewal in the next 60 days to renew. Any member may renew early as long as the Membership Committee approves their renewal. An online application and payment must be received before August 19th to qualify.

CEU’s – 10 points per CEU

Report Used – PALMS Report
Who from your chapter enters the info – Members can enter CEU slips online or turn them into the Vice President to add to the PALMS report.

Ideas!  Some chapters have shared some SUPER fun ideas. Here are a few to kick start your creativity.

  1. Bring your country flag and fly it at the front of the room.
  2. Have your education coordinator run in with an (unlit) Olympic torch to get everyone fired up and give an education moment about the rules of the game (see above) so everyone knows their part.
  3. Divide your members into teams. (track and field, tennis, gymnastics, swim team etc)
  4. Let members choose an athlete from the country they represent. Create an Olympic table top for each member reflecting which country/athlete they are.
  5. Vice President Report becomes the Olympic Games Report. Update your members on your chapters progress

Share your ideas and photos with us and we will post it on Facebook!