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Changing the Way the World Does Business

Surround yourself with a group of professionals committed to helping you succeed! That is what BNI can do for you!

In 2013, Business Network Int'l passed over 5.4 million referrals in 6,597 chapters with over 154,000 members in 55 countries resulting in more than $6.5 billion in business!
BNI Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin generated over 200,000 referrals in 163 chapters 
with over 3,600 members resulting in more than $147 million in business!

I am interested! Now what?
Find a Chapter in your area that has your profession available.

Visit the chapter. Helpful hints to find the best chapter for you and what to do BEFORE you visit.

Submit an application to the membership committee of the chapter that is the best fit for you and your business.
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New Videos: Shyness & Networking--Top Tips from "The Once Timid Networker"
Do you struggle with overcoming your timidness when networking, or do you find it difficult to connect with other networkers when you're not timid and they are?
Watch these two fantastic new videos packed with top tips from "The Once Timid Networker" that will help you become a more effective networker no matter which side of the fence you are on.
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